• Choosing the Right Blinds to Make Your Room Appear Larger

    There are all sorts of ways to make a small room look bigger. No matter if you’re decorating a Cape Cod home or redesigning a breakfast nook in your kitchen, knowing how to make a room appear bigger can give that open and airy feel that you’ve always wanted.

    One of the easiest ways to make a room feel more inviting and open is to install the proper window treatments. Keep reading for tips on choosing the right blinds and shades that will accentuate your space without making it feel smaller.

    Interior home design with matching blinkds and shades

    Why Blinds Are Ideal for Making a Room Appear Larger

    If you’ve ever browsed Facebook, Pinterest, or some other social media site, you know there are plenty of ways to make a room look bigger. From using light neutral-colored paint to minimizing the amount of furniture in the room, there are an endless amount of ways to give the effect that a room is bigger than it actually is.

    So, why choose blinds to enlarge a room? The biggest benefit to using window treatments is that they’re inexpensive and a relatively quick project to complete. Buying new furniture for a room can cost thousands of dollars. While applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls is easy, it’s time-consuming and a lot of work.

    By choosing to install blinds and shades, you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars. You’ll also have the peace of mind that your room-opening project won’t require too much physical labor and time.

    Embrace Technology

    Installing blinds and other window treatments also gives you the added benefit of being able to embrace the latest and greatest technology. In today’s world, manual blinds are a thing of the past. These days there are all sorts of electric and motorized blinds that can be raised, tilted, or closed with the touch of a button. Who wouldn’t want a bigger-looking room that’s accented by convenient electric blinds?

    Selecting the Right Blinds for Your Room

    Head to your local home improvement store or browse online, and you’ll be greeted with what seems like an endless selection. Not only can you choose between horizontal and vertical blinds, you’ll also have to decide which material and colors work best in your small space.

    Go Sheer

    Heavy and dark window shades add depth to a room and provide increased privacy, but they aren’t an ideal option for smaller spaces. Remember, the size of a room is greatly impacted by the amount of natural light that’s allowed into it. Dark-colored shades and window treatments do what they’re intended to do—keep light out.

    To allow more natural light into the room to create a more open and airy feel, you’ll want to go with sheer blinds and shades. Sheer shades not only allow more sunlight in, they also offer an unobtrusive view which can also make a room feel bigger than it is.

    Choose Light Colors

    If sheer options don’t allow for the privacy that you want, the next option is to choose light-colored blinds and shades. While you may want to match your wood blinds with existing furniture, this can make your small room feel even more enclosed. In small spaces, avoid dark colors.

    By choosing light-colored shades, such as white wood or vertical blinds, you’re able to make the most of your room’s size. Top color options include:

    • White
    • Off-white/eggshell
    • Cream
    • Light gray

    As an added benefit, light colors not only open up a room, they also promote airiness and calmness. This impacts the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the room.

    Matching light colored blinds for living room

    Solid Shades

    If you prefer shades over blinds, it’s also important to stick to lighter colors. Shades should also be solid versus textured or patterned. Shades with patterns or intricate designs can make rooms look smaller. Since every inch matters in a small room, stick to solid light-colored shades to work to your advantage.

    Other Tips

    There are also other tips to consider when making a room appear larger. First, remove clutter in and around your windows. Putting tables, chairs, and other furniture in front of your windows blocks natural light and makes windows look much smaller. Rearrange your furniture to allow as much of your windows to be exposed.

    It’s also important to keep colors throughout your home uniform. Painting rooms different colors breaks up the flow and openness in your home. Repainting your home one light color, such as gray, off-white, or a spa blue greatly maximizes your space. While different colors create contrast, you want to do the opposite in order to make a room look larger.

    The Best Blind Styles

    Choosing the wrong blinds can make tight quarters feel even more confined. Here are the best blinds and shades styles to consider if an open and airy look is your end goal.

    Vertical Blinds

    Most modern homes have vaulted ceilings, which add height and size to any room, but, if your home has low ceilings, your space may feel smaller and maybe even cramped. To make your ceilings seem higher than they are, go vertical.

    To start, use vertical blinds . These window treatments add a touch of height to the room without going overboard. To add even more height, mount window coverings closer to the ceiling. This draws the eyes upward and creates a bigger look and feel.

    Wood Blinds

    Wood blinds are another great option for an open room. These blinds can be purchased in all sorts of colors and thicknesses, though it’s best to stick to lighter colors. You want to avoid purchasing too thick of slats, as they can make your windows look smaller, which then makes the room look smaller.

    With this type of blinds, you can enjoy plenty of natural sunlight but also plenty of privacy. The slats can be opened and closed to easily allow for more or less outside light to enter the room. Alternante interior design

    Installation Tips

    Choosing the right window treatments is only the first step. The next is to ensure that you’re properly installing them to maximize your space.

    Low Profile is Ideal

    The first step in choosing the right window coverings is to find ones that sit flush with your windows. While large intricate blinds like cellular and Roman shades add an elegant look to a room, they can make a small room feel and look even smaller.

    For this reason, it’s best to stick to low-profile blinds. Wood blinds and roller shades can be installed to sit flush in your window. This way, you’ll have clean lines and can embrace every inch of the room.

    Outside Mount

    Sometimes a room feels smaller because of small windows. Basements, laundry rooms, and garages all tend to have small windows that can shrink a room. To create the illusion of larger windows and, therefore, a larger room, mount window coverings outside of the window, such as on the wall or window frame.

    By installing outside of the window, the window treatments will overlap, which makes the windows look much larger. Bigger windows equal bigger-feeling rooms!

    Need Blinds or Shades? We’ve Got You Covered

    At Décor Blinds and Shades, we offer a wide variety of blinds, shades, and other window treatments. No matter if you’re trying to make a room look bigger or add privacy without shrinking a room too much, we’ve got the window treatment options you need. From remote blinds to vertical blinds, we’re sure to have what your space demands.

    Call us today at (305) 282-4873 to place an order or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

  • All About Vertical Blinds

    When it comes to home décor, blinds and window treatments often take the backseat. Installing new window treatments throughout your home can create a whole new ambiance and look. When it comes to window treatments, there are dozens of options. To add height to your room, as well to replace draperies, you may want to consider installing vertical blinds . These blinds are ideal for sliding glass doors as well as large bay windows. Keep reading to learn about vertical blinds and how you can use them throughout your home.

    Types of Vertical Blinds

    Vertical blinds add a unique design element to any room. While normal blinds run horizontally, vertical blinds have slats that run up and down, adding a non-traditional look. Vertical blinds not only make a room look taller, but they also insulate and add more privacy to any space.

    Vertical Blinds for Living Room

    Before choosing the type of vertical blinds for your home, there are a few factors to consider, including:

    • Design style of the home/room
    • Budget
    • Existing window treatments
    • Durability and lifespan of blinds
    • Maintenance
    • Availability of motorized option

    Taking all of these factors into consideration will ensure you make the right choice when it comes to vertical blinds.

    Solid PVC Vertical Blinds

    One of the top choices for vertical blinds is solid PVC. PVC is designed to be strong and durable and can fit any decor in your home. These vertical blinds can be purchased in a variety of colors and thicknesses, and they are even available in various translucency options. To give your space an open airy feel, choose translucent slats that let in more natural sunlight. Solid-colored PVC vertical blinds offer plenty of privacy.

    PVC is flame-resistant, making them a good combination of safety and privacy.

    Metal Vertical Blinds

    For smaller budgets, metal vertical blinds are a solid option. The slats are made of aluminum and are generally very easy to maintain and keep clean. These blinds are also quite durable, as they don’t rust. Metal vertical blinds are available in a variety of colors and thicknesses.

    One of the biggest drawbacks to vertical blinds is that the slats can crease or dent over time. When this happens, the slat has to be replaced. Avoid using metal blinds for sliding glass doors, as the slats can be quite noisy. These blinds are best for stationary locations such as windows.

    Wooden Blinds

    When it comes to vertical blinds, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. Some of the most popular types of vertical blinds are wooden ones. Wooden vertical blinds add a touch of elegance to any room. If you have a large budget for new window treatments, consider purchasing wooden vertical blinds. Wooden blinds are offered in all sorts of colors, including natural, white, dark wood, and more. For smaller budgets, check out faux wood blinds, which have the same look and feel but are often much less expensive.

    Fabric Vertical Blinds

    If you’re looking for a softer feel for your home, fabric vertical blinds are a good option. These blinds offer the widest variety, often available in hundreds of colors and patterns. Fabric vertical blinds can be used to add a pop of color to a room or to add a unique pattern. These blinds are the hardest to maintain, as they collect dust and pollen and can stain more easily.

    Benefits of Vertical Blinds

    Vertical blinds aren’t the most common choice when it comes to window treatments, but these blinds offer a variety of benefits. These blinds are perfect for large windows and sliding doors. Using horizontal blinds on a long window or on a door can be difficult, but vertical blinds can fill the space easily, often without the need for an expensive custom order.

    Vertical blinds are simple and sleek, providing the privacy your home needs. These blinds can be adjusted in many ways, including sliding to the left or right, as well as an open or closed position. This allows you to have full control of how much natural light you let into your home. When vertical blinds are completely closed, they offer maximum privacy.

    No matter if you’re using vertical blinds for windows, for a sliding glass door, or both, you’re sure to be impressed with the look, as well as the various benefits that these blinds offer. As with any window treatments, vertical blinds require upkeep and care to keep them looking as good as new.

    Caring for Vertical Blinds

    When it comes to caring for vertical blinds, the type of blinds you choose will determine the level of care that is needed. PVC, wooden, and metal blinds should be regularly dusted to remove dust, dirt, and other debris. Not dusting the slats can lead to a build-up of allergens and can also cause stains. If you’ve selected fabric vertical blinds for your home, these blinds need a bit more maintenance when compared to other options.

    Regular maintenance of fabric vertical blinds will keep you from having to deep clean them as often. For the proper upkeep of your fabric vertical blinds, be sure to dust regularly. You can do this with a duster, the brush attachment on your vacuum, or by using a damp cloth. Some blinds are machine washable, making maintenance much less of a manual process.

    After cleaning fabric blinds, be sure to let them dry naturally. Each slat should be laid out flat to prevent any wrinkles or creases. You may also want to deep-clean your vertical blinds at least once a year. You can use a steamer or hand-wash the slats to get rid of any dirt and debris.

    Similarly to any other type of blinds, proper upkeep includes vertical blinds replacement slats. Over time, slats of blinds can become faded or discolored or some may be inadvertently broken. It’s important to have replacement slats on hand to ensure you can get your blinds back to working order. Faded or broken slats don’t provide the privacy and insulation that new slats provide.

    Aside from slats, the tracks of blinds should also be wiped down to remove any debris that may cause the tracks to malfunction. If the track of a set of blinds is cracked or broken, a new track will likely need to be installed.

    Your Source for Vertical Blinds

    Blue Vertical Blinds

    Have you decided that vertical blinds are the best window treatment option for your home? If so, you’ll want to choose a company that offers a wide selection to choose from. At Décor Blinds and Shades, we specialize in window treatments, including vertical blinds. We offer dozens of options, including custom-made vertical blinds to ensure that you get the right fit for all of your windows and doors.

    Don’t wait another day to get the window treatments you’ve always wanted! Contact our team at (305) 282-4873 to schedule an in-person complimentary consultation.

  • Spotlight on the Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ Shadings

    Hunter Douglas window treatments are renowned for their excellent durability and effortless style. If you want to add even more convenience to your window treatments, you might want to consider purchasing motorized blinds and shades . A company that offers motorized shades in Miami can help you select high quality electric shades from Hunter Douglas. The Nantucket™ line from the Hunter Douglas brand is among their most popular options. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ shadings. window - shades

    Casual Style

    The Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ shading system will add casual style to any room throughout your home. When you choose Nantucket™ window treatments, you will have the option of selecting between a variety of gorgeous, sheer shading materials. Whether your home is sleek and modern or cozy and classic in style, the Nantucket™ line of shading from Hunter Douglas is sure to match perfectly with your interior decorations.

    Terrific Light Control

    When you install shades on your property, you will want to find materials that help you filter out the damaging rays of the sun. Hunter Douglas has engineered their Nantucket™ shades to provide exceptional control over light and shade. Due to their sheer fabric construction, Nantucket™ shades are able to softly diffuse sunlight, without blocking it out entirely. Whether you are seeking total light control, or you simply want your shades to filter UV rays slightly, the Nantucket™ line of shades from Hunter Douglas can be tailored to your specifications.

    Easy Operation

    Another fantastic benefit of Nantucket™ shadings is that these window treatments can be connected to the latest operational technologies from Hunger Douglas. If you want to be able to control your window treatments from a tablet or smartphone, you can opt for the PowerView® Motorization system. For those homeowners that prefer to be able to operate their shades manually, the LiteRise® system combines both automation and manual functions. With UltraGlide® from Hunter Douglas, you can ensure that your shade controls are hidden out of sight when they are not in use.

  • Keep Your Home Cool This Summer by Installing Motorized Blinds

    The summer months are approaching quickly, and it is a great time to start planning ahead to install motorized blinds and shades in your home. Rather than solely relying on your air conditioning to keep your home cool, you can achieve better energy efficiency by using powered blinds to block out sunlight during the hottest times of the day. With services from a company that installs electric blinds in Miami , you can pick out motorized window treatments that are both beautiful and highly functional. Let’s take a look at three ways that motorized blinds can help you keep your home cool. motorized - blinds

    Block Out Sunlight

    When you allow sunlight to come pouring into your home, you might find that your indoor spaces heat up during the sunniest times of the day. Rather than forcing your air conditioner to work harder to cool down your home, you can improve your system’s cooling performance with motorized blinds. Blinds that are constructed from UV-resistant materials will help prevent the sun from heating up your home.

    Insulate Windows

    The glass in your window panes can allow climate-controlled air to escape from the interior of your home. Rather than wasting energy through your windows, you can improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner through a motorized blinds installation. With the push of a button, you can close your motorized blinds and completely insulate every room in your home. By improving your HVAC system’s efficiency, motorized blinds will prove to be a great investment.

    Automate Operation

    Another terrific benefit of a motorized blinds installation is that your motorized blinds can be connected to a fully automated system. When you connect your motorized blinds to your smartphone, tablet, or other device, you can adjust your window treatments to close and open at key intervals throughout the day. With the right settings, you can make sure that your blinds are blocking sunlight when you are away at work or on vacation. If you are worried about how you will beat the summer heat, motorized blinds may be the right choice for your needs.

  • How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Living Room

    When choosing your living room blinds or custom drapes, look toward your personal style and the wisdom of your blinds installer. Whether you choose vertical blinds or a wood blind installation near Miami, FL, there are several options to complement your living room décor. Read on for simple steps to choosing the right blinds for your living room. blind - installation

    Determine Your Style

    The first step in choosing any interior décor is to consider your personal style. If you prefer bold and noticeable window coverings, then you may want bright, custom drapes. If you have a modern and minimalistic style, then simple, wooden blinds may be the right choice. Look around your living room and the rest of your interior décor for inspiration. Many interior decorators recommend having a main color, an accent color, and a neutral tone to complement both colors. Unless you want your custom drapes or shades to be the main focus, consider neutral shades for your living room window coverings.

    Examine Your Windows

    Another deciding factor to choosing living room blinds are the window sizes and shapes. If you have wide windows or a sliding glass door, then vertical blinds will look best. If you have narrower windows, then horizontal blinds or a window shade type are the best options. You may also choose your blinds based on which directions your windows face. For example, south and west facing windows should be light in color to reflect sunlight; this will reduce solar heat gain during the summer months.

    Consult Your Installer

    If you are still unsure of which blinds or shades to install in your living room, consult with your installer. He can offer the best design choices to match your décor, and he can suggest blinds based on your daily life. For example, you may benefit with motorized remote blinds. These can be programmed to raise or lower with the press of a button, meaning you never have to leave the comfort of your living room couch to adjust natural lighting around your home.

  • How to Keep Your Blinds Clean

    Whether you have wood blinds, remote blinds, vertical blinds , or roller window blinds in Miami, FL, keeping these window treatments clean may sometimes feel like a challenge. However, freeing your blinds of dust and debris is important for helping them last and look great. Watch this video for tips on keeping your blinds clean and in great condition.

    Start by using a microfiber cloth, blinds duster, old sock, or a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove as much dust from the blinds as possible. Next, add a few drops of dish soap to a bucket and then fill it with warm water. Then, wet a microfiber cloth with the mixture and wring out enough of the water to leave it slightly damp. After adjusting the blinds to lay flat, run the cloth over each of the slats and remember to rinse the cloth as you work.