What You Need to Know About Woven Shades

If your goal is unique style, you can’t go wrong with woven blinds. Their natural look provides a warm and earthy feel, with an exotic elegance few types of shade can match. Although you may think of woven shades in Miami as a product of days gone by, the truth is that this style of window covering is more popular and versatile than ever.

Matching Woven Shades for the kitchen

Beneficial Characteristics of Woven Shades

Today’s woven shades are everything their predecessors weren’t. Instead of one kind of material, modern shades can be made from a variety of different woods, grasses, and plants like hemp. Each type of material has its own look and feel, and a big bonus is that these materials are both organic and recyclable, as well as being made from renewable resources.

These natural materials possess a look all their own; that which cannot be duplicated in other, man-made products. Texture is another characteristic of the woven shade that makes them such a unique choice for covering your windows.

Yet another beneficial characteristic of woven shades is that they can be made into several classic and modern styles. For example, a woven shade can be in the Roman style or take form as a gliding panel.

For even more variety, these shades give homeowners plenty of options for valances and bottom treatments. As well, for more privacy and control over the amount of light, liners are available.

Finally, the most exciting aspect of woven shades is that they are available in a wide range of prices , which makes this unique style addition accessible to everyone.

Right on Trend

The comeback of woven shades includes the ability to get 2018’s hottest styles on your home’s windows.

Clean Modern Countertops for the kitchen with matching woven blinds

Crisp and Clean

One of this year’s trends includes clean lines. You’ll find these in every aspect of modern homes, including in the blinds. Woven wood window shades that are streamlined are all the rage, but they also have a stealth component; many products are making use of wireless technology to allow you to control the amount of light in the room with a phone or tablet.

A True Classic

Always-in-style neutrals are a big must-have this year and every year because they go with everything. The neutral color of woven shades automatically puts you on top of the style list, but with a twist; the unique appearance of each material and even each blind serve to catch the eye, ensuring that no window in your home is ever boring.

Natural Materials, Natural Light

It’s true that there are many man-made materials out there which expertly diffuse the natural light that enters through them. Choosing shades of lighter weight can really make a difference, allowing for a completely different quality of light that opens up every room.

If you need a room to be dark, such as a baby’s room, all you need to do is choose either a darker material or one that’s more tightly woven. As mentioned previously, choosing a liner will add even more light-blocking ability to your shades.

Style and Benefit

Because of their ability to be manufactured in several styles , woven shades can offer the benefits of each style.

Panel Perfection

A woven sliding panel style can fit virtually any size of window. Sliding panels offer that clean look that everyone is looking for this year, but they also allow you to create a solid barrier between the window and your home’s interior. Why is this important? Because the better the barrier, the more money you can save on your energy costs. Where there is a reliable barrier, cold air cannot escape in the summer, and warm air can remain inside in the cooler months.

Smooth Roman Style

If you want to make a statement, Roman woven shades can say a lot. Their cascading look can add elegance anywhere, as well as R-value, thanks to their ability to block outside air. Add a liner, and you increase this sealing ability even further.

A Vertical Vision

Vertical blinds are still a very desirable style for woven window coverings. Not only do they allow for incremental light control, but vertical natural blinds for windows also diffuse light beautifully. Again, the addition of a liner can make a significant difference in cooler months, absorbing the sunlight and then releasing it inside.

Some Considerations

It’s true that woven blinds are a great way to instantly beautify your home using natural materials. That being said, you’ll want to ensure they stay beautiful by addressing some considerations.

Moisture and Dryness

Because of their natural composition, woven shades will exhibit changes when exposed to moisture or dryness. Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid installing them in a high-moisture area like a bathroom or in a window that’s exposed to sunlight for a great deal of the day.

Protected Edges

Woven shades, due to their inherent irregularity of appearance, can also be uneven or ragged at the edges. With use, these edges can become more ragged and uneven. However, you can prevent this by protecting the edges with decorative tape. If you want to ensure this is done professionally, you can ask your retailer about the best course of action for protecting your shades.

Brown Blinds Installation

Installing your woven shades will require you to figure out a few numbers. Any measurements you take should be to the nearest 1/8”. As well, when measuring, you’ll want to always measure width before you measure height. This will allow for better accuracy of both measurements.

The mounting of your shades will also be important. Here, you will need to determine if your windows will allow your custom bamboo curtains to be mounted on the inside of the window casing, or if they will fit best installed on the outside of the casing. Mounting shades on the inside of the window will allow for higher energy efficiency, as well as a cleaner look.

Measuring for an inside mount will involve starting at the depth where brackets will be installed, and then measuring the bottom, middle, and top edge-to-edge, recording the narrowest measurement.

An outside mount will allow for fewer light gaps, as well as allow for more control over the amount of light that enters. If your windows have a minimal depth or are out of square, then an outside mount will likely be your best option.

Measuring for an outside mount will require you to first determine the width you wish to cover. A recommended overlap of 1.5” will allow for complete coverage. You will also need to figure out the spot that’s the most ideal for the top of your woven shade.

Of course, just as with the edges of your shades, you may not feel comfortable doing this yourself. Not only that, but, when window coverings aren’t properly installed, they won’t be as useful to you because they won’t be able to operate properly. Where this is the case, it’s a good idea to speak with a professional.

The Best Option for Installing Woven Shades

Where it comes to ensuring your windows are properly measured and installed, there’s simply no replacement for professional advice. The right company will be able to tell you which product will suit each room in your home best, but will also ensure you’re informed about your energy-efficiency options as well.

In addition to knowing their products well, your retailer should have an established reputation in your local area . They should always make themselves available to answer your questions, and, when installing your products, should always pay close attention to detail, treating every installation as if they were installing bamboo woven shades in their own home.

Finally, your retailer should guarantee your satisfaction on every product they sell and provide you with peace of mind in the form of a warranty that protects your investment over the long term.

Decor Blinds and Shades has been specializing in the professional installation of all manner of window coverings for homes in the Broward and Miami-Dade counties since 2003. We can ensure that every product on your windows is stylish and energy-efficient and allows you full control over the light that enters your home. Claim your free woven blinds estimate today by calling (305) 290-4660.

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