Properly Cleaning Your Blinds and Shades

As a homeowner, you know just how time-consuming and energy-draining it can be to keep your house clean. From sweeping to vacuuming, to scrubbing the bathroom, there is always something to be cleaned—and, more often than not after you’ve cleaned your home, a day or two later it’s like all of your hard work has been undone.

While there is plenty to clean, chances are you rarely think to clean your blinds and shades, but blinds and shades are prone to collecting dust and other dirt. Want to ensure that you are properly cleaning your blinds and shades? If so, keep reading! We’ll cover all sorts of blind cleaning tips and tricks to keep your window treatments clean and looking nice.

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Importance of Clean Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades give personality to a room. They are also beneficial, in that blinds can be used to insulate your home from heat as well as cold. You can even use shades to darken a room so that you sleep uninterrupted from outside light.

While blinds may not be as important as flooring or your furniture, they are an integral part of any room. Just as you keep your floors swept and your tables polished, you want to ensure your blinds and shades are taken care of as well.

No matter if you have sliding panel blinds or cellular blinds, expect them to collect dust. While fabric shades are more likely to collect debris, wood, plastic, and other hard blinds are also prone to collecting unwanted allergens. During springtime, you can expect to see all sorts of pollen on your blinds, especially if you leave your windows open.

Cleaning your blinds and shades will keep your home clean and healthy. If you have pets, shades will collect pet dander. This can cause allergy issues for any suffers in your home.

Basic Tips

Buy Wisely

Some brands, such as Hunter Douglas blinds , are treated to repel dust and dirt. These blinds are also treated with anti-static additives to prevent build-up. With these added defense mechanisms, your blinds may be less likely to collect dust and dirt—but, dust and dirt are pesky, and they will find a way to make your blinds a home. Buy top brands that offer preventative measures but still be willing to take part in window treatment cleaning.

Use Quality Products

Dusting is just one part of clean blinds. For deep cleaning, you’ll want to use a quality blind and shade cleaning product. You will find many on the market, but, for an easy at-home solution, mix lukewarm water and mild dish detergent. Most dish detergents are strong yet gentle enough to use on all types of shade materials, including fabric.

The key to cleaning blinds and shades is to never scrub. Always blot and use gentle strokes to avoid ruining the texture and color of your shades.

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Set a Schedule

Just like you vacuum your house a few times a week or do dishes daily, you have a set cleaning schedule. When it comes to cleaning your blinds and shades, you’ll want to ensure you are cleaning them at least once a week. No matter if you have electric blinds, roller window blinds, or wooden shades, all types can collect dust and other allergens. A build-up of these particles can lead to excessive sneezing and other allergy symptoms.

Once you’ve set a cleaning goal and schedule, let’s move into cleaning methods.

Blinds & Shades Cleaning 101

The best cleaning method for your blinds and shades will depend on the type. Keep reading to learn about cleaning methods for every type of blinds and shades.

Roller Shades

Nowadays, you’ll find motorized roller shades in all sorts of fabrics and textures. Most of these shades can be cleaned with the soft brush tool and a little suction. To clean vinyl roller shades, use a mix of lukewarm water and dishwashing detergent. Use a well-wrung cloth and wipe each section. It’s best to start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Be sure to fully extend the shade so that it can properly dry.

If you haven’t cleaned your shades in a long time, you may have more stains to deal with. For a thorough cleaning:

  1. Remove the shades from the wall.
  2. Place them in a bath of warm water and dishwashing soap.
  3. Use a soft brush to scrub the shades on both shades.
  4. Rinse to remove any leftover soap.
  5. Air dry and re-hang once fully dry.

Fully clean shades can leave your room smelling and looking fresh again!

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds and faux wood blinds should be cleaned just as you’d clean wood furniture. Dust the blinds with a clean soft cloth. You can also use a dust cloth or dusting glove. To remove all dust and dirt, lower the blinds to their full length. Then tilt the slats so that they’re almost closed. You can then hold the bottom rail and dust each slat. Don’t forget to reverse the slats to get the back side.

If dry-blinds cleaning didn’t remove all residue, try using a damp microfiber cloth. These are perfect for removing stubborn dirt and grime. Once you’re done cleaning them, tilt the slats to an open position so they can dry.

The same process can be used for horizontal as well as vertical blinds.

Wooden Blinds

Cellular Shades

Also known as honeycomb shades, these window treatments have become quite trendy because of their energy efficiency. Cellular shades are also very easy to clean. You can use any type of dusting tool, such as the one on your vacuum, to remove any buildup. Using the low suction setting, run the tool along the blinds a few times.

To treat any stains, always dust first. Then use a sponge, dish detergent, and lukewarm water. Lightly blot the shades to remove any stains.

Roman Shades

These shades are extremely versatile and come in a wide variety of styles. Roman shades can be pleated, flat, or draped. You will also find these shades offered as motorized shades. To remove dirt and other debris from these shades:

  1. Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum.
  2. Use a low suction setting.
  3. Pass over the shades a few times.

After dusting, you may notice a few stains. When cleaning roman shades, you never want to saturate the fabric. Use a lukewarm cloth and spot clean the stain. Be sure to blot dry the fabric. When removing stains, be extra careful with motorized blinds . You want to ensure no water gets near or in the battery.

Your Blinds and Shades Experts

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