• Answering Questions About Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds and Shades

    When it comes to installing new window treatments, many homeowners are choosing to get the most out of the investment by going with Hunter Douglas powered blinds or motorized shades in Miami, FL . If you’re considering these options for your home, then continue reading to learn the answers to common questions about powered window treatments by Hunter Douglas. blinds - shades

    How do I operate my Hunter Douglas motorized blinds or shades?

    Your blinds or shades equipped with PowerView® Motorization can be controlled and programmed via smartphone or tablet using the PowerView® app. You can also operate your motorized window treatments with the PowerView Pebble® Control or PowerView® Pebble Scene Controller.

    What is PowerView® Motorization?

    Recipient of the 2016 Red Dot Design Award, which is the world of design’s most prestigious designation, PowerView® Motorization is a revolutionary system that can work in conjunction with motorized shades and blinds. PowerView® Motorization is available with a wide selection of Hunter Douglas powered window treatments.

    What features does PowerView® Motorization offer?

    PowerView® Motorization gives you a way to program your shades and blinds to open and close throughout the day. This feature saves you the trouble of adjusting your window treatments over the course of the day in response to changes in sunlight. Also, PowerView® Motorization allows you to have your window coverings open and close on their own while you are out of town. This means you can better protect your property by making it seem like someone is home when you’re away on business or holiday.

    Do Hunter Douglas motorized window coverings have Wi-Fi?

    Hunter Douglas motorized blinds and shades do not have Wi-Fi built in. Instead, they are equipped with a proprietary PowerView® wireless protocol.

    Will I need to install wires in my home to use these products?

    Hunter Douglas products that are outfitted with PowerView® Motorization require no wiring. These motorized window coverings can be powered by options like batteries and plug-in power supplies.

  • Applause® Honeycomb Shades Offer Trouble-Free Operation

    Are you looking for streamlined aesthetics and convenient operating systems for your new window shade type near Miami, FL? If so, then consider Applause® Honeycomb Shades by Hunter Douglas . Watch this video to learn about the various operating systems that are available for this line.

    The entry-level standard cord lock system relies on a locking mechanism to control the shade’s position and comes with cord cleats to promote the safety of kids and pets. These shades are also available in the Applause® SimpleLift™ system, which is intuitive, requires no handle, and works by simply lifting the shade upward or pulling it downward. Finally, the EasyRise™ system uses a continuous cord loop for operation, and the UltraGlide® system works via a retractable cord.

  • Tips for Selecting Wood Blinds for Your Home

    Wood blinds in Miami, FL are popular additions to any home. They can come in a variety of colors and grain patterns to match your interior décor. They can also be customized to fit your home’s windows, no matter their shape and size. Let’s see some easy and helpful tips to help you select your new wood blind installation.

    • Look throughout your home and examine your interior decorating style. You may choose different wood colors or grain patterns to suit each room’s different décor.
    • When installing wood blinds on south and west facing windows, consider adding a screen to block the sun’s rays. This can reduce potential fading that might damage your wood blinds.
    • Speak with your wood blind installer about any customizations you may need. For example, you may wish to add motorization systems to your blinds. With remote blinds, you can program all of the blinds in your home separately or together to raise and lower as you wish.

    wood - blind - installation

  • How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Living Room

    When choosing your living room blinds or custom drapes, look toward your personal style and the wisdom of your blinds installer. Whether you choose vertical blinds or a wood blind installation near Miami, FL, there are several options to complement your living room décor. Read on for simple steps to choosing the right blinds for your living room. blind - installation

    Determine Your Style

    The first step in choosing any interior décor is to consider your personal style. If you prefer bold and noticeable window coverings, then you may want bright, custom drapes. If you have a modern and minimalistic style, then simple, wooden blinds may be the right choice. Look around your living room and the rest of your interior décor for inspiration. Many interior decorators recommend having a main color, an accent color, and a neutral tone to complement both colors. Unless you want your custom drapes or shades to be the main focus, consider neutral shades for your living room window coverings.

    Examine Your Windows

    Another deciding factor to choosing living room blinds are the window sizes and shapes. If you have wide windows or a sliding glass door, then vertical blinds will look best. If you have narrower windows, then horizontal blinds or a window shade type are the best options. You may also choose your blinds based on which directions your windows face. For example, south and west facing windows should be light in color to reflect sunlight; this will reduce solar heat gain during the summer months.

    Consult Your Installer

    If you are still unsure of which blinds or shades to install in your living room, consult with your installer. He can offer the best design choices to match your décor, and he can suggest blinds based on your daily life. For example, you may benefit with motorized remote blinds. These can be programmed to raise or lower with the press of a button, meaning you never have to leave the comfort of your living room couch to adjust natural lighting around your home.