Exploring Trends in Residential Shades

Window coverings can bring elegance, style, and function to different areas of your home. Are you in the process of exploring your options for window shade types in Miami, FL ? If so, then read on to learn about current trends in these window treatments. window - shades

Safety Features

While window shades can add beauty and function to your home by complementing your interior décor, filtering sunlight, and providing privacy at night, it’s important to consider safety when it comes to these home design features. Hanging cords and similar devices can pose a safety hazard for children and pets, so choosing wood or Roman shades that have child- and pet-safe designs is both popular and smart. If you have pets or young children, then look for window shades that have safety features to help protect your family.

Energy Efficiency

All the time, homeowners are looking for more ways to save on energy costs. One of the most significant ways in which you can save on your home heating and cooling costs is to install energy-efficient window treatments. In the summer, window shades can block sunlight from streaming through your windows and heating your home. Conversely, shades can help insulate your home in the winter by preventing some of your heated air from escaping outdoors. When it comes to installing energy-efficient window treatments, both honeycomb and wooden shades are popular options.

Motorized Shades

Finally, for the ultimate way to bring convenience into your home along with new window treatments, consider installing motorized shades. Using wireless operating systems, electric shades are becoming more and more popular in households. These shades can be controlled via remote, tablet, or smartphone, allowing you to open, close, and adjust your shades from anywhere with only an internet connection. Furthermore, motorized window shade types can be programmed to open and close at certain hours, allowing you to wake up to sunlight streaming into your bedroom or enjoy better privacy as the sun goes down without having to open and close your shades manually.

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