How Your Blinds Can Keep You Warm This Winter

If you’re like most homeowners, you use your blinds to keep out the heat of the sun in the summer—but did you know that blinds can also be used to keep your home warm in the winter? Today’s blinds are technical wonders, able to do both jobs incredibly well.

How Today’s Blinds Keep Heat in Your Home

Some modern blinds will trap heat in their material and release it inside. Others will use color to attract heat. Today, the blinds on offer are both good-looking and hard-working, saving you money on your energy bill.

These contemporary blinds prevent warm air from leaving your home. They do this by blocking the “escape route” to your home’s windows. However, in order for them to do this, blinds must be properly installed so as to fit snugly inside your window’s frame. These types of blinds are called “perfect fit” blinds.

Roller Shades

One of the most effective ways to ensure heat stays inside your home is to choose roller shades. There are many types of these shades. Some are dual-sided, and what’s interesting about these is that they can be reversed as the seasons change. This is because one side of these shades is highly reflective while the other has a surface that absorbs heat.

The best tip for these is to ensure that their reflective surface should always face the warmest side. Put another way, you should face these window treatments in Miami with their reflective side out during the summer to reflect the heat, and with their insulated side outward during winter to absorb the heat.

Cellular Shades

These window coverings are true marvels. Also known as honeycomb shades, cellular shades consist of anywhere from one to three layers of cells. Inside each cell is what’s known as “dead air,” which increases the insulating value of these cellular shades.

Cellular shades are made of fabric that’s been pleated in accordion style. The cells are effectively tubes that create a barrier between the cold of glass windows and the inside of your home. Although these shades may look fragile and paper-like, the fabric used to manufacture them does have weight and softness.

Single-celled shades consist of a single layer of cells. These shades provide the lowest insulating value and, because they require less material, are also typically less expensive than their double- or triple-celled counterparts. Double- and triple-celled shades consist of two and three cell layers and provide a much higher insulating value.

An interesting aspect of cellular shades is that, in addition to trapping heat and keeping it inside your home, they also insulate your home against noise from outdoors. This makes cellular shades an ideal choice for a baby or child’s room, where quiet is essential.

Vertical Blinds

Although many materials are available, some kind of insulating feature is absolutely essential if you wish to install blinds that keep heat inside your home during the winter. When made with thick blackout material, vertical blinds will, when turned to the face the outside, absorb the sun’s rays.

However, vertical blinds made from vinyl can also trap heat inside your home. When closed all the way, the slats will overlap and seal tightly, preventing the cold from passing from your windows into the room.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are not only very trendy but can also help you to keep more heat inside during winter months. Some roman blinds are made of a thermal material that has been designed to absorb heat and release it inside. Others are made of a thinner material for the summer months.

You can choose to install thicker roman blinds for cooler months, switching to thinner fabric when the spring returns. This is possible, thanks in large part to their affordability. Another benefit of roman blinds is that they are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, meaning you can match them to any decor.

Sliding Panels

Able to fit windows of virtually any size, sliding panels are available in a wide range of colors, transparencies, and patterns. What makes this type of window covering unique is the clean look it provides, but its uniqueness also lies in its ability to create a true barrier between windows and your home’s interior.

Sliding panels run floor-to-ceiling, are vertical, and provide a seal at the top, bottom, and sides of a window, making them a popular option. Another benefit is, when closed, sliding panels overlap, making them one of the best insulating blinds. This provides an additional seal against the cold.

Wooden Blinds

Although you may not think wood would be able to keep heat in your home this winter, the truth is that blinds made from this material provide excellent insulation. Not only that, but the look of natural wood will add much beauty to the rest of your decor.

The type of material you choose for your wooden blinds will depend entirely on your budget. Blinds made of real wood tend to cost more than those made from composite or other materials that are made to look like wood.

Wooden Shutters

Many homeowners swear by the heat-insulating properties of wooden shutters. This may be because of the way in which shutters are fitted to a window. Considered to be a type of window blind, shutters are installed on the inside of the window’s frame. This tight seal all the way around eliminates the possibility of cold drafts. As well, the slats of wooden shutters are thick and, when closed, also provide a tight seal.

Using Your Blinds Properly

Although today’s blinds have plenty in the way of new technology and fabrics to insulate your home against winter’s chill, how you operate them can also make a significant difference to your energy bill.

First, you must ensure that you open and close your blinds at the right time of day. Otherwise, your blinds won’t be able to do their job of insulating your home. Modern options for blinds such as motorized vertical blinds in Miami allow incremental user control, which means you can allow any amount of light and heat into your home during the day.

At night, it’s important to ensure your blinds are closed completely so as to provide a barrier to the cold. Not only that, but keeping blinds closed at night will allow your heating system to use less energy, as it won’t have to work so hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Similarly, it’s important to adjust your blinds properly. In the morning, for example, you can leave blinds open to allow sunlight in. However, as the day progresses, you’ll want to close those blinds to ensure the morning’s heat remains inside.

Choose the Right Blinds

As stated previously, the options for insulating blinds are virtually endless. Where the goal is to insulate your home from the cold, it’s important to ensure that the products you choose will meet your needs. You may, for example, require a home office to have diffused light during the day, while a bedroom may require blinds having blackout properties.

Proper Installation

Improper installation can also make your blinds less useful. In order to provide your home with the highest energy efficiency, any blinds you choose should overlap evenly, as well as be installed as close to windows as possible. Any gaps around your blinds or between slats will allow drafts to enter your home.

Choosing the Right Retailer

Where it comes to choosing the best blinds for your home, it’s wise to choose a company specializing in Hunter Douglas blinds and their installation. Decor Blinds and Shades not only possesses extensive knowledge of the best insulating blinds for your home but also specializes in professional blind installation throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

The numerous window covering options we offer not only provide you with privacy and insulation but also help add style to your decor. Discover the many benefits of choosing a professional blinds retailer and installer; contact Decor Blinds and Shades by calling (305)-290-4660 and scheduling your free in-home consultation.

Properly Cleaning Your Blinds and Shades

As a homeowner, you know just how time-consuming and energy-draining it can be to keep your house clean. From sweeping to vacuuming, to scrubbing the bathroom, there is always something to be cleaned—and, more often than not after you’ve cleaned your home, a day or two later it’s like all of your hard work has been undone.

While there is plenty to clean, chances are you rarely think to clean your blinds and shades, but blinds and shades are prone to collecting dust and other dirt. Want to ensure that you are properly cleaning your blinds and shades? If so, keep reading! We’ll cover all sorts of blind cleaning tips and tricks to keep your window treatments clean and looking nice.

Someone Cleaning Blinds with Cloth

Importance of Clean Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades give personality to a room. They are also beneficial, in that blinds can be used to insulate your home from heat as well as cold. You can even use shades to darken a room so that you sleep uninterrupted from outside light.

While blinds may not be as important as flooring or your furniture, they are an integral part of any room. Just as you keep your floors swept and your tables polished, you want to ensure your blinds and shades are taken care of as well.

No matter if you have sliding panel blinds or cellular blinds, expect them to collect dust. While fabric shades are more likely to collect debris, wood, plastic, and other hard blinds are also prone to collecting unwanted allergens. During springtime, you can expect to see all sorts of pollen on your blinds, especially if you leave your windows open.

Cleaning your blinds and shades will keep your home clean and healthy. If you have pets, shades will collect pet dander. This can cause allergy issues for any suffers in your home.

Basic Tips

Buy Wisely

Some brands, such as Hunter Douglas blinds , are treated to repel dust and dirt. These blinds are also treated with anti-static additives to prevent build-up. With these added defense mechanisms, your blinds may be less likely to collect dust and dirt—but, dust and dirt are pesky, and they will find a way to make your blinds a home. Buy top brands that offer preventative measures but still be willing to take part in window treatment cleaning.

Use Quality Products

Dusting is just one part of clean blinds. For deep cleaning, you’ll want to use a quality blind and shade cleaning product. You will find many on the market, but, for an easy at-home solution, mix lukewarm water and mild dish detergent. Most dish detergents are strong yet gentle enough to use on all types of shade materials, including fabric.

The key to cleaning blinds and shades is to never scrub. Always blot and use gentle strokes to avoid ruining the texture and color of your shades.

White Kitchen Blinds

Set a Schedule

Just like you vacuum your house a few times a week or do dishes daily, you have a set cleaning schedule. When it comes to cleaning your blinds and shades, you’ll want to ensure you are cleaning them at least once a week. No matter if you have electric blinds, roller window blinds, or wooden shades, all types can collect dust and other allergens. A build-up of these particles can lead to excessive sneezing and other allergy symptoms.

Once you’ve set a cleaning goal and schedule, let’s move into cleaning methods.

Blinds & Shades Cleaning 101

The best cleaning method for your blinds and shades will depend on the type. Keep reading to learn about cleaning methods for every type of blinds and shades.

Roller Shades

Nowadays, you’ll find motorized roller shades in all sorts of fabrics and textures. Most of these shades can be cleaned with the soft brush tool and a little suction. To clean vinyl roller shades, use a mix of lukewarm water and dishwashing detergent. Use a well-wrung cloth and wipe each section. It’s best to start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Be sure to fully extend the shade so that it can properly dry.

If you haven’t cleaned your shades in a long time, you may have more stains to deal with. For a thorough cleaning:

  1. Remove the shades from the wall.
  2. Place them in a bath of warm water and dishwashing soap.
  3. Use a soft brush to scrub the shades on both shades.
  4. Rinse to remove any leftover soap.
  5. Air dry and re-hang once fully dry.

Fully clean shades can leave your room smelling and looking fresh again!

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds and faux wood blinds should be cleaned just as you’d clean wood furniture. Dust the blinds with a clean soft cloth. You can also use a dust cloth or dusting glove. To remove all dust and dirt, lower the blinds to their full length. Then tilt the slats so that they’re almost closed. You can then hold the bottom rail and dust each slat. Don’t forget to reverse the slats to get the back side.

If dry-blinds cleaning didn’t remove all residue, try using a damp microfiber cloth. These are perfect for removing stubborn dirt and grime. Once you’re done cleaning them, tilt the slats to an open position so they can dry.

The same process can be used for horizontal as well as vertical blinds.

Wooden Blinds

Cellular Shades

Also known as honeycomb shades, these window treatments have become quite trendy because of their energy efficiency. Cellular shades are also very easy to clean. You can use any type of dusting tool, such as the one on your vacuum, to remove any buildup. Using the low suction setting, run the tool along the blinds a few times.

To treat any stains, always dust first. Then use a sponge, dish detergent, and lukewarm water. Lightly blot the shades to remove any stains.

Roman Shades

These shades are extremely versatile and come in a wide variety of styles. Roman shades can be pleated, flat, or draped. You will also find these shades offered as motorized shades. To remove dirt and other debris from these shades:

  1. Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum.
  2. Use a low suction setting.
  3. Pass over the shades a few times.

After dusting, you may notice a few stains. When cleaning roman shades, you never want to saturate the fabric. Use a lukewarm cloth and spot clean the stain. Be sure to blot dry the fabric. When removing stains, be extra careful with motorized blinds . You want to ensure no water gets near or in the battery.

Your Blinds and Shades Experts

For all of your blinds and shades needs, look no further than Decor Blinds & Shades. We have been in the blinds and shades industry for more than five years, and we know how the right window treatments can turn a room from drab to amazing.

Our company specializes in planning and installing window treatments. We offer a wide variety of products, including custom window treatments, electric shades, sliding panel blinds, and motorized vertical blinds. If you’re unsure of which blinds are best for your room, we’ll work with you to find the best option. We also offer our line of cleaning products to keep your blinds and shades looking good as new.

No matter if you’re looking for wood blind installation or window blind cleaning service, you can count on our experts. Contact us today at (305) 282-4873 for a complimentary consultation.

Living Room with Blinds

Blinds and Shades for Your Bedrooms

Selecting window treatments for a bedroom can be a mind-boggling process. Sure, you want something that matches the decor of the room, but there’s so much more to think about. Windows can be a focal point of any room, and the way you decorate them is just as much about aesthetics as it is about function, comfort, and being trendy.

Why are trends so important? First, new ideas are always coming about, so following the latest trends can yield new and exciting options. There may be something out there that inspires you but which you’ve never seen before.

Bedroom Blinds

Uniform window treatments represent one of the most popular trends, nowadays, especially with open floor plans. You could keep the design cohesive and select bedroom blinds and shades that match those throughout the home. Even if they’re the same style and color, you could add curtains to differentiate and personalize the room.

Light control is often a priority, for many reasons. In addition to maximizing energy efficiency (interior blinds can reduce heat gain by about 45% 1 and comfort, controlling how much light enters the bedroom lets you adjust the slats based on the time of day. Motorized shades and blinds are popular just for this reason.

Privacy is something you can address with products such as cellular shades, which allow light in—yet no one outside can look inside. Honeycomb designs keep heat in, which is great in the winter and for reducing the burden on your heating system. Blinds reduce heat gain in summer as well.

Other design trends include drapes hanging from wooden rods with metallic finishes and installations incorporating oversized grommets and other hardware. Fabric valances with beaded fringes and using fabric that matches bedding and pillows are trending as well. Or you could hang drapes in layers. 2

The window treatment ideas chosen depend on personal choice and the blinds and shades you choose to install first. These serve a few important purposes in a bedroom, which we will explain now.

Purpose of Window Shades and Blinds

Aside from aesthetics and being trendy, window treatments have several functions. Electric blinds are convenient. They’re a technological trend seen in many homes, but they still have the same basic functional aspects as their non-motorized counterparts. Blinds and shades can be used to:

  • Enhance a boring bedroom : There are so many types of designs. Whether you choose vertical blinds or Roman shades, you’re going to want to complement the rest of the room and its other design elements. Plus, you can go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning to a vibe that matches your style and personality.
  • Protection from the sun : Blackout shades or more sophisticated shades and blinds can all filter light, or you can completely block out the sun. If you get the best sleep in complete darkness, these can help you get a full night’s worth. Solar shades block out UV rays, protecting your health and carpets, rugs, and furniture from fading. Both options can also reduce glare on television screens, so you can enjoy watching TV in the bedroom. Install motorized blinds, and you can even adjust them from your bed with a remote control!
  • Improve Comfort : Cellular shades provide internal temperature control without expensive electronics or heating/cooling equipment. Insulating windows, they increase warmth in winter and keep the room cool in the summer. Therefore, you can end up spending less on energy bills.

Someone Adjusting Blinds

What to Look For When Choosing Bedroom Blinds and Shades

With the right blinds and shades, you can make a bedroom dark and cozy or bright and airy. They’re very effective at blocking out light. The type of product you choose and how you adjust it impacts the overall comfort of the room, but there are other things to consider when brainstorming bedroom window treatment ideas, such as:

  • Price : The cost of window treatments is mainly impacted by size, but the type of fabric or pattern and extra features can increase the expense as well.
  • Cleaning : Blinds attract dust and other particles; you’ll have to clean them often, but shades can hide dirt (especially woven or textured fabric ones) and may require professional cleaning from time to time.
  • Cleaning : Kids can easily get injured playing with blinds and shades, so, if there are children at home, consider cordless varieties.
  • Cleaning : Bold, dramatic colors or subtler earthy colors can fit quite well, depending on the style of the room’s decor. By experimenting with color, you can create a casual, formal, trendy, or just plain comfortable bedroom.
  • Cleaning : Some people add liners to darken the room more, but there are rout holes and slits that can let light in; linings should, therefore, complement the window treatments chosen, not replace them.
  • Stretching/shrinking/migration : Heat and humidity can affect fibers, and slats can migrate and become uneven. A window shade may shrink or stretch by an inch or more over time—minimize these effects by adding edge banding, which serves a decorative purpose as well. 3

Blinds vs. Shades

Choosing blinds over shades depends on what works best for you. Blinds are generally characterized by their tiltable slats that adjust the amount of light in your bedroom. Wood blinds are highly effective and come in various styles. You can find them in dark and light colors, painted or with polished finishes. Motorized blinds made of wood come in many sizes.

Whether you choose horizontal slats or vertical blinds, the treatment just needs a slight adjustment to tweak the brightness level in the room. The window pane retains its finished look when the slats are opened. You also don’t have to worry about privacy when adjusting blinds.

Shades, on the other hand, offer more versatility in design. They include woven wood, tightly woven fabric such as microsuede or twill, honeycomb, vinyl, and sheer woven solar shades. Even electric shades can provide a softer, warmer look compared to blinds.

There can be a number of different types. Roman shades are popular, as are roller, woven, and cellular shades. You can spruce up a plain room or match a general decorating theme. If control over fabric coverings by using a lifting mechanism or cord is appealing, shades are the way to go.

Brown Closed Blinds

Types of Window Blinds and Shades for Bedrooms

Decor Blinds and Shades offers numerous styles. Our automated blinds are popular and part of the Hunter Douglas line. They have the advantages of ease of use, so you can control the amount of light entering a room from a distance, no matter what time of day it is. Safety concerns associated with cords are eliminated, and there is the modern flair of a home automation device that can be managed via remote or smartphone. Horizontal and vertical motorized blinds are available.

Roller Shades

Simple in design, these can be purchased in plain white or in more sophisticated designs with various colors and patterns. They can provide a custom look despite their simplicity. We offer these shades in solid, screen, and fabric styles, and roller window blinds as well. Blackout shades are in stock, and options include the addition of hem bars and bottom rails.

Roman Shades

The classic look helps make the living environment more inviting. Choose from flat or teardrop style shades, soft fabrics, and motorized systems. A 9-inch fabric valance that matches each shade is available, and various colors, styles, and textures of fabric can be selected. Some products are flat, while others are looped with folded fabric. In general, roman shades hang flat when closed and form deep, horizontal pleats when opened.

Cellular Shades

As highly versatile window treatments, cellular shades can filter light in various degrees. They are insulating, as well. Other perks include minimal maintenance and multiple sizes, colors, and textures to pick from. Our products have a double-cell construction, making them more durable while improving energy efficiency. The fabrics are non-woven and soft, the lift cords and rout holes are concealed, and the design options allow the shades to be adapted to fit arches, circles, and angles.

Woven Shades

In addition to a selection of weaves and textures, we offer woven products made of natural wood. Examples include matchstick, grasscloth, and bamboo. Continuous cord loop and top-down/bottom-up styles are available, as are edge binding and liner upgrades.

Wood Blinds

Wood blind installation comes with our custom-made genuine wood, manufactured in various slat sizes (1-, 2-, and 2½-inch slats). Traditional and contemporary interior designs can be accommodated. Faux wood blinds are also available, made of composites that provide just as classic a look as natural wood. Matching decorative valances are included, too.

Decor Blinds and Shades: Ready to Customize Your Bedroom

You may like the look of wooden shades or the appeal of sheer horizontals. These work the same way as a horizontal blind but have translucent sheer fabric vanes, visually complemented by double sheer fabrics. Open or close them fully or leave the vanes partially open. When fully open, the vanes disappear into a cassette headrail and can be motorized.

Decor Blinds and Shades also offers an array of sliding panels, draperies, plantation shutters, and Neolux Shades for more choices in decorating your bedroom. For help choosing the right products and window treatment ideas, prompt/effortless installation, and a complimentary consultation, call us at 305-290-4660 .

Dark Wooden Blinds



Spotlight on the Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ Shadings

Hunter Douglas window treatments are renowned for their excellent durability and effortless style. If you want to add even more convenience to your window treatments, you might want to consider purchasing motorized blinds and shades . A company that offers motorized shades in Miami can help you select high quality electric shades from Hunter Douglas. The Nantucket™ line from the Hunter Douglas brand is among their most popular options. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ shadings. window - shades

Casual Style

The Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ shading system will add casual style to any room throughout your home. When you choose Nantucket™ window treatments, you will have the option of selecting between a variety of gorgeous, sheer shading materials. Whether your home is sleek and modern or cozy and classic in style, the Nantucket™ line of shading from Hunter Douglas is sure to match perfectly with your interior decorations.

Terrific Light Control

When you install shades on your property, you will want to find materials that help you filter out the damaging rays of the sun. Hunter Douglas has engineered their Nantucket™ shades to provide exceptional control over light and shade. Due to their sheer fabric construction, Nantucket™ shades are able to softly diffuse sunlight, without blocking it out entirely. Whether you are seeking total light control, or you simply want your shades to filter UV rays slightly, the Nantucket™ line of shades from Hunter Douglas can be tailored to your specifications.

Easy Operation

Another fantastic benefit of Nantucket™ shadings is that these window treatments can be connected to the latest operational technologies from Hunger Douglas. If you want to be able to control your window treatments from a tablet or smartphone, you can opt for the PowerView® Motorization system. For those homeowners that prefer to be able to operate their shades manually, the LiteRise® system combines both automation and manual functions. With UltraGlide® from Hunter Douglas, you can ensure that your shade controls are hidden out of sight when they are not in use.

Enjoy Value and Quality with EverWood® Renditions™ Horizontal Blinds

If you are seeking the durability and quality of wood blinds , but would prefer not to invest in real wood for your remote blinds, you may want to explore the EverWood® Renditions™ line of horizontal blinds from Hunter Douglas. This line of horizontal blinds offers the beauty and appeal of natural grain wood, but is crafted from renewable resources. A technician that installs blinds and shades in Miami can tell you more about the EverWood® Renditions™ line.

There are a few special features that set EverWood® Renditions™ blinds apart from the competition. These alternative wood blinds are treated with a special coating, which allows them to be completely resistant to UV damage and fading. When you close your EverWood® Renditions™ blinds, you can also feel great knowing that your furniture and interior spaces are completely protected from damage. Finally, you will be pleased to know that EverWood® Renditions™ blinds are backed by a lifetime guarantee from Hunter Douglas.

wood - blinds

Keep Your Home Cool This Summer by Installing Motorized Blinds

The summer months are approaching quickly, and it is a great time to start planning ahead to install motorized blinds and shades in your home. Rather than solely relying on your air conditioning to keep your home cool, you can achieve better energy efficiency by using powered blinds to block out sunlight during the hottest times of the day. With services from a company that installs electric blinds in Miami , you can pick out motorized window treatments that are both beautiful and highly functional. Let’s take a look at three ways that motorized blinds can help you keep your home cool. motorized - blinds

Block Out Sunlight

When you allow sunlight to come pouring into your home, you might find that your indoor spaces heat up during the sunniest times of the day. Rather than forcing your air conditioner to work harder to cool down your home, you can improve your system’s cooling performance with motorized blinds. Blinds that are constructed from UV-resistant materials will help prevent the sun from heating up your home.

Insulate Windows

The glass in your window panes can allow climate-controlled air to escape from the interior of your home. Rather than wasting energy through your windows, you can improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner through a motorized blinds installation. With the push of a button, you can close your motorized blinds and completely insulate every room in your home. By improving your HVAC system’s efficiency, motorized blinds will prove to be a great investment.

Automate Operation

Another terrific benefit of a motorized blinds installation is that your motorized blinds can be connected to a fully automated system. When you connect your motorized blinds to your smartphone, tablet, or other device, you can adjust your window treatments to close and open at key intervals throughout the day. With the right settings, you can make sure that your blinds are blocking sunlight when you are away at work or on vacation. If you are worried about how you will beat the summer heat, motorized blinds may be the right choice for your needs.

Vignette® Window Treatments: Roman Shades with a Modern Twist

If you would like to transform your bare windows into beautiful works of art, you may want to consider purchasing Vignette® Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas. In this video from Hunter Douglas, you will learn about the Vignette® line of shades. With their customizable patterns and designs, Vignette® Roman Shades can be fabricated to match the interior styling of any home. A company that sells roman shades in Miami can tell you more about the Vignette® line.

When you are shopping for new blinds and shades for your home, you will want to make sure that you stop by a showroom that offers Hunter Douglas products . The Hunter Douglas line of blinds and shades has been crafted to meet the demands of the discerning homeowner.

Tips for Selecting Kitchen Window Treatments

Choosing the right window coverings for your kitchen can give the room a cohesive design and better convenience. Are you considering kitchen window shade types in Miami, FL ? If so, then read on for some helpful tips on selecting the best option for your kitchen. kitchen - windows

Think About Material

When it comes to choosing window coverings for kitchens, it’s important to consider how well a material can stand up to the moisture typical of this area. Cooking and dishwashing make kitchens one of the more humid rooms of the home, so selecting something like horizontal or vertical blinds made of aluminum or PVC can be a better choice than wood blinds, for example. Opt for a material that is not vulnerable to mold, mildew, warping, or peeling for this space.

Don’t Forget Privacy

While kitchens don’t require the level of privacy that areas like bathrooms and bedrooms do, ensuring that you can block the view into your home when you want to is an important consideration for any window treatment. As you peruse your options, focus on those that can provide you with the amount of privacy you want both day and night.

Consider Light Control

Getting too much sunlight can be damaging to your household items. Things like flooring, fabrics, cabinet finishes, and leather surfaces can all suffer wear and fading when exposed to UVA and UVB rays. For this reason, many people choose blinds for their kitchen because of their versatile light control abilities. Sheer Roman shades are also great options that provide privacy while at the same time allowing filtered light into a space.

Factor in Style

If you’re looking for a way to add a splash of brightness and color to your kitchen space, then window treatments provide you with the perfect opportunity to do so. No matter what type of window covering you select, it is sure to be available in a range of hues and patterns. If a modern, elegant look is your goal, then opt for sheer shades, cellular shades, or horizontal blinds in sleek materials and neutral tones.

Invest in Your Home with Motorized Shade Installation

When it comes to adding value and function to their property, many people choose to update their home’s window treatments. This type of investment can increase your home’s value, improve its aesthetics, and offer your family greater comfort and convenience. To take this a step further, you have a good reason to consider motorized shades in Miami, FL for your new window treatments.

Auto window shades are in high demand and are an option worth considering for several reasons. First, motorized shades can drastically improve the convenience that your family enjoys because they can be controlled by remote and programmed to open and close according to the settings that you choose. For these reasons, it can be easier to reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs by programming remote control shades to open and close at specific times throughout the day. Finally, new window treatments of any kind can make your home appear more current and elegant, making motorized shades a smart choice for people who want to invest in their home.

motorized - shades

Answering Questions About Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds and Shades

When it comes to installing new window treatments, many homeowners are choosing to get the most out of the investment by going with Hunter Douglas powered blinds or motorized shades in Miami, FL . If you’re considering these options for your home, then continue reading to learn the answers to common questions about powered window treatments by Hunter Douglas. blinds - shades

How do I operate my Hunter Douglas motorized blinds or shades?

Your blinds or shades equipped with PowerView® Motorization can be controlled and programmed via smartphone or tablet using the PowerView® app. You can also operate your motorized window treatments with the PowerView Pebble® Control or PowerView® Pebble Scene Controller.

What is PowerView® Motorization?

Recipient of the 2016 Red Dot Design Award, which is the world of design’s most prestigious designation, PowerView® Motorization is a revolutionary system that can work in conjunction with motorized shades and blinds. PowerView® Motorization is available with a wide selection of Hunter Douglas powered window treatments.

What features does PowerView® Motorization offer?

PowerView® Motorization gives you a way to program your shades and blinds to open and close throughout the day. This feature saves you the trouble of adjusting your window treatments over the course of the day in response to changes in sunlight. Also, PowerView® Motorization allows you to have your window coverings open and close on their own while you are out of town. This means you can better protect your property by making it seem like someone is home when you’re away on business or holiday.

Do Hunter Douglas motorized window coverings have Wi-Fi?

Hunter Douglas motorized blinds and shades do not have Wi-Fi built in. Instead, they are equipped with a proprietary PowerView® wireless protocol.

Will I need to install wires in my home to use these products?

Hunter Douglas products that are outfitted with PowerView® Motorization require no wiring. These motorized window coverings can be powered by options like batteries and plug-in power supplies.