The Eco-Conscious Homeowner’s Guide to Motorized Shades

Many homeowners are looking for bigger and better ways they can be eco-friendlier around the house. Why not install electric blinds on all of your windows, then? With electric and motorized blinds in Miami, FL , homeowners can save money, use less energy, and leave less of a mark on the earth around them. motorized - shades

Greater Home Insulation

No matter what style of blinds you like—roller, cellular, or sliding panels.—you can have that style in your electric blinds. This means that the insulated blinds, such as Hunter Douglas’ honeycomb blinds, can come with a motorized feature. With these specific blinds, among many others, your motorized shades can keep your home better insulated against heat in the summer and cold in the winter. The honeycomb, or cellular, design features hundreds of pockets throughout the blinds that trap the adverse temperature from getting into the house. This means less heating and cooling costs and less energy spent.

Eco-Friendlier Products

Eco-friendly, natural, green—these are all different words that help communicate the same desire to promote products that have been made with nature in mind. There are several brands that make electric blinds, as well as other blinds and shades, out of recycled products and natural materials. By purchasing and promoting these recycled motorized blinds, you can help further the environmental cause within home improvement products.

Programmable Heat and Cooling Sensors

Part of the appeal to motorized shades is how easy they can let in or block out light. You can press a button, and your home’s heating and cooling costs can change. Many motorized and electric shades can actually be programmed to sense the sun’s heat for good or bad. In the summer, when you need the sun’s rays covered, the shade will automatically respond once it senses the window becoming too hot. During the winter, the window shades can be programmed to open as soon as they sense the sun is rising. This can help your heating, cooling, and energy costs.

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