• Refreshing Your Window Style

    Your home’s window treatments can have a significant impact on the look of your interiors. If you’ve been considering giving your home an upgrade using vertical blinds, Roman shades , wood blinds, or custom drapes in Miami, FL, then watch this video for some unique tips on refreshing your window style.

    To give a room character and color, hang alternating curtains over your wall-to-wall windows. Consider using sheer white drapes over the glass to provide privacy while allowing light in, and then add a brightly-hued panel at the ends to help brighten and enliven the space. Another idea for those who enjoy their privacy but want to let the light in is to install a latticed, aluminum panel to the lower half of the window frame.

  • How Motorized Blinds Can Help Arthritis Sufferers

    Motorized blinds can serve Miami, FL in a multitude of ways. They are stylish, innovative, and can even help those suffering from arthritis. With motorized and electric blinds, people can appreciate the view out of the window with more ease than ever before.

    Those who suffer from arthritis may find themselves in constant pain, either in their hands, feet, knees, or many other areas of their body. Their fingers and hands may lose mobility or become pained with what should be a simple motion. These simple motions, like pulling blinds up and down, can often be painful and difficult for arthritis sufferers. However, with motorized blinds and the push of a button, those same blinds can open and close without someone having to tug and pull on a cord. By installing motorized blinds or electric shades, arthritis sufferers do not have to worry about feeling pain every time they want to look out the window or block the sun. They simply press a button and the remote control shades will open and close with only a whisper of sound.

    Benefits of Motorizing Blinds in Miami, FL

  • The Eco-Conscious Homeowner’s Guide to Motorized Shades

    Many homeowners are looking for bigger and better ways they can be eco-friendlier around the house. Why not install electric blinds on all of your windows, then? With electric and motorized blinds in Miami, FL , homeowners can save money, use less energy, and leave less of a mark on the earth around them. Get Your Guide to Motorized Shades in Miami, FL

    Greater Home Insulation

    No matter what style of blinds you like—roller, cellular, or sliding panels.—you can have that style in your electric blinds. This means that the insulated blinds, such as Hunter Douglas’ honeycomb blinds, can come with a motorized feature. With these specific blinds, among many others, your motorized shades can keep your home better insulated against heat in the summer and cold in the winter. The honeycomb, or cellular, design features hundreds of pockets throughout the blinds that trap the adverse temperature from getting into the house. This means less heating and cooling costs and less energy spent.

    Eco-Friendlier Products

    Eco-friendly, natural, green—these are all different words that help communicate the same desire to promote products that have been made with nature in mind. There are several brands that make electric blinds, as well as other blinds and shades, out of recycled products and natural materials. By purchasing and promoting these recycled motorized blinds, you can help further the environmental cause within home improvement products.

    Programmable Heat and Cooling Sensors

    Part of the appeal to motorized shades is how easy they can let in or block out light. You can press a button, and your home’s heating and cooling costs can change. Many motorized and electric shades can actually be programmed to sense the sun’s heat for good or bad. In the summer, when you need the sun’s rays covered, the shade will automatically respond once it senses the window becoming too hot. During the winter, the window shades can be programmed to open as soon as they sense the sun is rising. This can help your heating, cooling, and energy costs.

  • Interior Design Basics: Choosing Window Treatments

    If you are moving into a new home or redesigning your current one, you cannot forget your window treatments near Miami. Your wood blinds, draperies, or roller shades can make or break your entire design, if you do not plan correctly. If you are at a loss as to what would look good with your current design, consult your window treatment installers for opinions. They will help you design and install the perfect treatments for your interior décor. Choosing Best Window Treatments in Miami, FL

    Simply Elegant

    You can design a room with simple drapes that create a sense of elegance throughout the house. Custom drapes, especially in a gauzy fabric and white color, can fill a room with a whimsical and soft appearance. Hang long drapes that reach from the ceiling to the floor to achieve this elegant look in every room.

    Bold and Beautiful

    There is nothing wrong with bright, bold colors gracing your custom drapes or roller window blinds. Depending on your color scheme, colors can bring life to a room or help complete its overall design. Many shades and drapes come in a variety of patterns, as well, so feel free to experiment with colors and designs.

    Practical, Yet Stylish

    Many homeowners still opt for vertical and wooden blinds for several reasons. These are a timeless option that will not go out of style any time soon. With wooden and vertical blinds—which can come in a variety of colors and stains—your home will be protected against the sun and encroaching heat. They are also easily maintained and cleaned.

    Neutrally Shaded

    Whether you plan on living in your home or flipping it for a profit, you will never go wrong with neutral-colored drapes, shades, or blinds. Tans, beiges, off-whites, grays, and everything in between can make a room or house stylish to everyone who enters. These colors go well with almost every color, so you can easily change out your interior design without needing a new window treatment.

  • Choosing Blinds Made Easy

    When you are choosing your window coverings near Miami, you may have moments of total confusion. There are so many window treatments available now! This can be exciting, but also frustrating as you try to decipher what will look good in your home.

    Watch the video for a brief, yet complete look at several types of popular window coverings. Wooden blinds are almost always a safe bet for any home. They can come in a variety of colors and textures. If you prefer a sheer look that allows sunlight in, then you may consider draperies or roller shades. In case you want a bit of color, but you need a neutral color facing outside of the window, then you may try a roman shade. Many of these shades come with a design or color facing inside the room, but have a neutral-colored lining on the back.