• Touring Our Wood Blind Options

    Wooden blinds can be a great addition to your home, especially if your design is on the natural side. While these blinds are versatile treatments that can be used in any room, you will have many options to choose from; thus, it’s a good idea to do some research before you purchase your window treatments near Miami. You can also ask your window treatment professional at Décor Blinds and Shades to help you determine which type of wooden blinds will be best for your needs. Read on if you’d like to tour our wood blind options.

    If you are looking for a type of blind that can fit into traditional home designs as well as contemporary styles, wood blinds might be the way to go. Slat sizes range from an inch to two and a half inches wide, which gives you some additional flexibility when meeting the needs of your existing home design. Décor Blinds and Shades also offers faux wood blinds, which look just like wood but come at a cheaper price point and require less maintenance. True wooden blinds, however, have the advantage of natural insulation. Talk to your window treatment specialists for more help in choosing your wooden blinds.

    Touring Our Wood Blind Options in Miami, FL

  • Get Inspired With These Great Window Treatment Ideas

    From your kitchen countertops to your living room furniture, your home design is comprised of many different components. One element that can make or break your design is your choice in window treatments near Miami. Motorized window treatments can offer a sense of luxury and convenience, while roller shades and wood blinds are practical and versatile. If you are undergoing a remodel or moving to a new space, get inspired with these great window treatment ideas.

    Get Inspired With These Great Window Treatment Ideas in Miami, FL

    Motorized Treatments

    If your living space could use a dash of luxury, consider looking into motorized window treatments. In addition to being safer than other types of treatments, these blinds and shades are optimally customizable. You can raise, lower, open, or close your window treatments without even having to move from the couch. Use your remote to lower the shades as the sun starts to peer in and cause a glare on your television without missing a beat. Motorized window treatments can be great for any room in the house, from the dining room to your master bedroom. They are also available in all different colors, styles, and materials.

    Roller Shades

    Some window treatments can be as practical as they are aesthetic, and roller shades are among them. This type of window covering is a great choice if you want to control heat transfer throughout the year; roller shades can help to keep your conditioned air inside and your exterior air out. In addition to making your home more comfortable, this can also help to reduce your energy bills. The right type of roller shades can work seamlessly in a residential or commercial setting, so explore your options and find the right design for your space.

    Wood Blinds

    Nothing ties an earthy design together quite like wooden blinds. Available in both natural and faux styles, wooden blinds provide an organic beauty that serves as a focal point in any room. These window treatments even come with decorative valences to further increase the aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for a durable, practical, and beautiful window treatment, take a look at wooden blinds.

  • How Motorized Window Treatments Can Add Luxury to Your Space

    Making your home more luxurious doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; you might just need motorized window systems for your space. Motorized blinds and motorized shades in Miami can make your home or apartment more practical and convenient, and they are especially helpful if you live with children. You can even use these automated window treatments in your indoor or outdoor living space. Continue reading if you are interested in finding out how motorized window treatments can add luxury to your space.


    They’re easy to operate.

    One of the most prevalent advantages of motorized window treatments is the convenience that they can add to the home. Instead of operating them with a cord, you can use a remote control to close or open your blinds or shades. This is particularly helpful if you have windows that are difficult to reach or if you have mobility issues. It is also luxurious in that you can manipulate your window treatments from just about anywhere; you can raise your shades while you are still in bed or close your blinds from a different room. Those who have large windows and heavy shades will no longer struggle to adjust the lighting in their homes thanks to motorized window treatments.

    They’re safe for the whole family.

    Sometimes it feels like everything is a hazard to kids, and window treatments are not immune. The cords and wands that you would use to operate normal window treatments are unnecessary for motorized blinds and shades, which is great news for parents with young ones. By removing these elements from the home, you eliminate all the hazards that come along with them. Motorized window treatments will give you the luxury of the peace of mind that comes with knowing your kids are safe.

    They’re perfect for outdoor living.

    In today’s day and age, living spaces are by no means confined to the interior of the house. If you want to make your outdoor living spaces as comfortable and convenient as possible, consider motorized shades for your enclosed porch. They can also transform your pool area or outdoor kitchen, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor spaces.

  • Selecting the Right Window Treatments for Your Dining Room

    When you start thinking about window treatments near Miami , it’s important to realize that different treatments are appropriate for different situations. A window treatment installation that fits the design in your living room may not be the best choice for your kitchen. Watch this video for tips on selecting the right window treatments for your dining room.

    The right type of window treatment can tie your dining room together and create exactly the intended atmosphere. Consider the amount of light that the room gets, and compare it to the amount of light you would prefer to enter the space; this can help you start to narrow down your search. Adjustable treatments can be great if you want full control over the natural lighting of your dining room, and they can be aesthetic as well. If you have plenty of light and a nice view, consider a more decorative window treatment.