Fighting Costly Cooling with Window Coverings

For all the good times summer represents to many people, there is typically one downside: those soaring energy bills caused by running your air conditioner. Although many things can impact your AC’s efficiency, your windows may be the top offenders. That is because uncovered windows allow sunlight to beat down into your home and raise the indoor temperature. Your AC struggles to keep up by running over and over again, and the result is sticker shock every time you open your energy bill. The good news is that you can dramatically reduce the impact of the sun’s radiation with the right window coverings. Window treatments, including roller blinds, Roman shades, and draperies all help to keep sunlight out and cool air in. Learn more in this infographic from Decor Blinds & Shades . With our variety of window coverings in Miami, we are sure to have the right solution to your sunlight struggles. Help us help others save energy by sharing this information.

Window coverings

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