• Getting to Know Décor Blinds and Shades

    Founded in 2013, Décor Blinds and Shades is a company dedicated to the installation of blinds, shades, and automated window systems in Miami . Motorized blinds, shades, and draperies are becoming more popular as the demand for smart home technology increases. By automating your window coverings, you can reduce your monthly energy costs and add to the convenience and safety in your home.

    Motorized window treatments can be programmed to open and close at set times, allowing you to get the most out of the daylight by letting light into the house at sunrise, brightening it naturally and helping to warm it in the cooler months. Window treatments also help to reduce your home’s energy demands by insulating windows in the summer. Blackout curtains can be installed to maximize this effect, letting minimal sunlight in. Décor Blinds and Shades specializes in window treatment installation, helping our clients to transform their homes and save on energy costs while offering a wide range of shades and materials.

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  • Fighting Costly Cooling with Window Coverings

    For all the good times summer represents to many people, there is typically one downside: those soaring energy bills caused by running your air conditioner. Although many things can impact your AC’s efficiency, your windows may be the top offenders. That is because uncovered windows allow sunlight to beat down into your home and raise the indoor temperature. Your AC struggles to keep up by running over and over again, and the result is sticker shock every time you open your energy bill. The good news is that you can dramatically reduce the impact of the sun’s radiation with the right window coverings. Window treatments, including roller blinds, Roman shades, and draperies all help to keep sunlight out and cool air in. Learn more in this infographic from Decor Blinds & Shades . With our variety of window coverings in Miami, we are sure to have the right solution to your sunlight struggles. Help us help others save energy by sharing this information.

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  • Going Green with Automated Shades

    Smart home devices grow smarter every day, and increasing demand for automated shading in Miami is an example of how popular this technology has become. Today’s automated shades are quiet, convenient, and come in a range of styles. Several power options are available, allowing you to select what is best for your home and budget. Motorized shades help you to get the most of the sunlight hitting your home, and can contribute to lower energy costs for your family.


    Light opens up any indoor space, so many homeowners wish to allow as much natural light into their homes as possible. Automatic shading systems are programmable, allowing you to set your window shades to be opened when their sensors detect sunlight, or at the time of sunrise. Similarly, home owners can program their motorized shades to draw at sunset, providing privacy without the hassle of closing every blind or curtain. Choosing cellular shades as your window treatment will give you great versatility, offering several degrees of light filtration.

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    In sunny locations, sunlight streaming through windows heats up a house, forcing air conditioners to work harder and consume more energy in order to keep the home’s temperature comfortable. Motorized blinds and shades can be programmed to automatically open and close. In summer, you can set certain shades to draw during the hottest hours, keeping your home cool. Select roller, solar, or blackout shades to maximize the insulating effect your window treatments can provide.


    Keeping your house warm in the winter can be made easier and more efficient with the installation of smart window treatments. By programming your sun-facing shades to open at sunrise, you can make the most of the light your home receives and let your house warm itself naturally. Set your shades to close at dusk to retain more heat overnight by adding further insulation to the windows. Opting for automated shades is a decision that will offer you enhanced convenience and energy-efficiency for your home.

  • Why Do You Need Window Treatments?

    Window treatments don’t have to be just visually appealing. Making the right choices for shades and draperies in your home can help cut your monthly energy costs by insulating your windows and keeping warm air in or out. Watch this video for a few helpful tips in selecting the right window coverings for your Miami home.

    Experts claim that windows blinds can reduce solar heat gain by as much as 45%. Insulated windows treatments and draperies also help you keep cool air inside during the summer months. In particular, medium colored drapes with a white backing, which repels sunlight, can cut your solar heat gain by as much as 33%. Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, are designed to prevent warm air from entering your home.